Week No. 1

Enrico’s Hitlist Week 1 (31/12/2012-06/01/2013)
Rank Last Week Artist(s) / Band(s) Song Title Weeks
1 1 Glee Some Nights 6
2 5 Karmin Brokenhearted 20
3 NEW The Barden Bellas Pool Mash-up 1
4 2 One Direction I Would 6
5 3 Robbie Williams Candy 2
6 6 Lady Gaga The Edge Of Glory 87
7 4 Kristen Kelly Ex-Old Man 4
8 14 Michael Canitrot & Ron Carroll When You Got Love 8
9 19 Giboni & Vanna Zivot Sto Ga Djelim 2
10 7 Glee Let’s Have A Kiki 4
11 9 One Direction Still The One 6
12 NEW Danny Sembello & Allee Willis Transparent 1
13 RE-ENTRY Cody Simpson Be The One 1
14 11 The Who Baba O’Reilly 12
15 15 Fierce Angel Love Is The Music 7
16 16 Carly Jae Repsen Call Me Maybe 2
17 18 Jo Dee Messina Bye-Bye 6
18 12 Cody Simpson Wish ‘U Were Here 12
19 RE-ENTRY Csezy Nem Kell Neked Más 1
20 NEW One Direction Heart Attack 1

I actually thought it would be much easier to just copy my ‘Numbers’ spread sheet into this blog and I could publish it, but NO! It is far more difficult!

So, for the time being I have to be happy with the result you can see above. I am sure that over time I will work things out properly and the look will improve.

But besides my struggle of converting, I think the most important thing right now is that the first Top 20 of 2013 are right in front of you!

In the upcoming weeks I will let you know more details of how Enrico’s Chart’s actually works and what happens with these lovely list’s and stats.

My first fact this week however for you is that ‘Some Nights’ performed by the Glee Cast is the 279th Number 1 hit in Enrico’s Hitlist since 2001.

More to follow soon!

And yes I am very proud of my Charts as you can tell and all sorts of music obviously has the chance to make it into Enrico’s Top 20!


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