past & future

I can assure you that there are lot of things going on this week and I seriously can’t believe it is already Wednesday! Mind you, I do hate January a bit, simply because I have to wait another nine days until I get paid! Not so sure why I’m whining about this because it’s not even related to Enrico’s Hitlist, but I just felt like sharing!

You also probably wonder about my headline huh?!

I would like to share another look back into my charts and reveal some music statistics from the past! Got the hint? I guess it wasn’t that difficult. The following two songs have actually two things in common. They both entered the charts on the 16th of January in their respective and both have been Number 1 Hits! I hope you enjoy this little look back as much as I do!!

First one up is Vaya Con Dios with a song called ‘Nah Neh Nah’ which entered the charts back in 2006 and remained in the top position for 2 weeks. Since then it has been in the Top 20 for the total amount of 8 weeks and as of today it is ranked as All Time Number 216 (out of 1869 songs!).

Exactly 6 years later in 2012 it was Jessie J’s turn with the smash hit ‘Domino’. Becoming one of the big songs last year in my charts, it has occupied the top spot for 5 weeks and remained a force in the Top 20 for a staggering 28 weeks in total! No wonder, that in the current All Time ranking it occupies Rank Number 48. For the really interested people, it was Number 5 in the year end charts of year just gone!

And now to the future bit! Since I’m enjoying travelling a lot and I’ve done quite a bit in recent years a few more ideas have occurred to me. One of them is to release another form of Hitlist – Enrico’s favourite cities & airports for example. For the moment it is just an idea but I do admit that I quite like it. The other suggestion from a few friends of mine is to draft a few travel reports  on this blog about the places I’ve been to! Decisions decisions …

However this week I was fortunate enough to get a flight ticket booked to the city they call ‘the big apple’! Yes I am going to New York! This time round I am planning a long stay in the USA (as done so in previous years) and will try to see cities I haven’t been to yet. I probably need your help in deciding between the following city pairs: 1st -> Chicago or Nashville & 2nd -> San Diego or Houston!

The first city pair is relating to my charts (!) and sooner or later you shall find out that the famous Dolly Parton is a major force in my charts. Well, has been in recent years. Chicago was the city, Dolly Parton’s movie ‘Straight Talk’ was filmed in and Nashville is known as the city of country & therefore both cities are certainly pretty appealing to me! I did put this question up on facebook and the trend at the moment goes definitely towards the famous windy city. But what do you think? Recommendations are most welcome and really appreciated. I am also undecided between San Diego in California and Houston in Texas. Here too any advise will be very helpful. Obviously airfares will be factored in as well, when I decide within the next week which cities I’ll be reporting from in May! You can send your feedback to:

Week 3 is currently shaping up and will be out again on Sunday to reveal the latest changes in Enrico’s Hitlist!

Thanks for your support and thanks to all the viewers from all over the world this week! Stay tuned!

Enrico x


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