I cannot believe it’s already the 20th of February! It has been cold again today, but despite that spring has already shown a few attempts by providing us with a bit of warmer weather here in London and some nice rays of sunshine over the past weekend. However instead of enjoying a walk outside and the joys of mother nature – I sound like an old man – I was glued to the TV on Sunday. Special thanks to my new flatmate who returned that morning from a very well deserved holiday in China & Australia. He was so kind to introduce me to the critically acclaimed and highly praised TV show called ‘Downton Abbey’ which is aired on ITV. I totally got drawn into it and completed the entire first season that day. It is definitely worth watching it. I’m already on Season two in case anyone is interested.

My plans for the United States in May might change slightly, as I possibly will drop Miami and San Diego for a trip up north to visit Seattle – currently my favourite city in the US and that’s not just because of Starbucks! My new header image is one I took whilst on holidays over there. It shows the majestic Mount Rainier a volcano located 54 miles southeast of Seattle!

I am now going to take the opportunity and shall reveal a few habits of mine. Firstly: I am a major fan of coffee and I love Starbucks’ freshly brewed one – or drip as they call it in North America! I don’t have an old fashioned coffee filter machine at home which I used to have back in the days where I grew up in Germany. And ever since I moved abroad my coffee at home has been instant. No need to judge! Starbucks seems to be the only big chain which does filtered coffee. Funny enough it is also the cheapest coffee they offer and always reminds me of home, which is good thing right?! I don’t like all the fancy stuff they have, as it’s not ‘real’ coffee to me! I could talk more about my coffee addiction but I won’t bore you with that stuff … My other Starbucks / coffee habit has it’s origin in Toronto / Canada back in 2010. I was approaching the end of my holiday over there and haven’t even thought about a good souvenir to take home with me. As I got myself a big nicely brewed coffee to go I saw a mug with Toronto on it in the shelves and thought what a great idea to get this as a memory. And you guessed it: over the past 2.5 years and my few travels around the globe I collected a few mugs from new places I’ve been to ever since. The special mug however is from Seattle, the birth city of the largest coffeehouse company in the world! I might get a second one when I’m over there in May. The other reason Seattle is even more interesting for me now is that Boeing was founded here and since I started studying aviation and I’m currently in the history section, Washington’s biggest city got even more attractive!!!

Jesus, where has my mind gone and where are my manners? I could go on and on and I almost forgot my usual look backs into my charts and entries from previous years. Sorry!

Today 7 years ago Armand Van Helden managed to enter the charts with the french cover version of the song ‘Hear My Name’ which was a huge success back in 2004 (and song of the year for that matter). ‘Je T’Apelle’ managed to stay 2 weeks at Number 1. It is currently ranked at All Time Number 134 having spent 11 weeks in Enrico’s Top 20 and scoring 253 points in total. No fancy video I’m afraid so you have to be happy purely with the song! It’s a great one though!!!

A somewhat different song and a bit less successful one entered my charts exactly a year ago. Chers ‘I Found Someone’ only managed to score 28 points by staying 4 weeks in the Top 20. At this stage it means it’s only placed at 1101 in the All Time rankings. Still an enjoyable tune and  a kind of funny video to watch! Have a good rest week and see you soon when week 9 of Enrico’s Hitlist will be officially revealed!


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