Sorry if I keep it a bit shorter than usually today, but it is already very late and I have been extremely busy this past week! I hope you can ‘forgive’ me! However I still like to do a little look back on what has entered Enrico’s Hitlist in previous years around this time of the year with some background information / facts.

I promise you, next week there will be more than just the obligatory look back!

By the time this post will be published it is probably going to be the 28th of February already so my first song I am going to share is ‘Oh La La’ by Goldfrapp which entered Enrico’s Top 20 exactly two years ago! I think I came across this song in a commercial, but cannot remember which one it was! It was pretty catchy though and I do believe it is pretty popular amongst runners! Unfortunately it only managed to stay in the charts for 3 weeks. Having scored 49 points over that period means it is currently ranked at Number 827 in the All Time Hitlist!


Next one up goes back way longer than the one above, having entered the Top 20 back on the 26th of February in 2001! Seriously, right now I can’t believe that’s 12 years ago! 21 weeks in the charts is not just evidence that it has been a pretty popular song, because 2 of those ‘Life Is For Living’ has spent at the Top of it! Barclay James Harvests’ only entry so far has collected 272 points which gives them at this stage the 124th position in the All Time rankings! I hope you can all agree on the motivating effect this tune has. I’m afraid I couldn’t find a better video.


Last one up kind of relates to the Academy Awards to have a current theme today! Ok my thinking might go a bit far here but I am sure you get the concept of it after the following short explanation. Anne Hathaway finally got an Oscar last weekend for her performance in ‘Les Miserables’! And I am still disappointed that Naomi Watts didn’t get the award for her amazing performance in ‘The Impossible’! Anyway, Ms Hathaway also played in one of my favourite movies of all time ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ alongside the grand dame of cinema – as I like to call her – Meryl Streep. KT Tunstall’s ‘Suddenly I See’ was the opening song for that movie and it has entered Enrico’s Hitlist on the 25th of February back in 2008! In the 22 weeks it has been in the charts since it never managed to reach the Top, but still scored remarkably 378 points to be currently ranked at Number 74 in the 2001-2013 all time rankings!! Not bad right? And on this note I suddenly see my bed calling! Week 9 to be out soon! Stay tuned!!


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