I almost forgot to give you my mid-week review of songs which have entered Enrico’s Hitlist in previous years. Well lucky you only almost. I can blame that on the water of the pool I just swam in! You should know, that I have had one of the worst training sessions in quite some time. The quality of the water was simply appalling – besides the water level being way to low to make fancy tumble turns at one end almost impossible! I am seriously still having difficulties breathing and my eyes are actually hurting pretty badly (even though I was wearing goggles as I always do)! Never mind I don’t want to bore you with my health issues today. Instead I shall return to some music!!

Originally released by Elvis Presley in 1969 (that was way before I was born!) ‘In The Ghetto’ managed to enter Enrico’s Hitlist 2 years ago on the 7th of March in 2011 thanks to the NBC legal drama series ‘Harry’s Law’. In those 7 weeks it has spent in the Top 20 since, it scored 79 points to be currently ranked on position number 610 in the All-Time charts! I have picked the more boring video (though I quite like it) as the live version just doesn’t sound right! Marvellous song!

Around this time last year – on the 5th of March to be precise – Nicki Minaj made her first chart appearance in Enrico’s Hitlist with ‘Starships’. It has become a massive hit in 2012 (2nd in the year end charts) and is so far her most successful one as well! Not only did she stay 4 weeks on Top of Enrico’s Hitlist, no, she also managed to collect 593 points over a total period of 27 weeks to occupy All-Time rank 36 at this stage. I don’t know about you, but this song (not so much the video!) gets me into dancing mood all the time! Do you agree?!

Last one up for this evening – sorry guys but I am extremely tired now. Never mind. I am pretty sure the video will make you laugh, and if not that at least giggle a tiny bit! I first heard the song whilst being on a swim training camp in early February 2012 in Irvine/Orange County – which is a nice smaller-ish city between Los Angeles & San Diego in Southern California (that info is for those who don’t know where Irvine is!). By the way I got myself a nice Starbucks mug from Orange County. Anyway initially I didn’t think it was that great (I’m talking about the song again) but then I saw – whilst out at a bar in London – the video below and suddenly became a big fan of this tune. ‘Sexy And I Know It’ performed by LMFAO stayed in the Top 20 for 11 weeks in total and has accumulated 116 points which gives it the 404th position in the All-Time rankings as of today.


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