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Most of you might wonder about some statistics I have recently posted in some of my articles and a high percentage probably thinks I made those up. Wrong! I think it is about time to explain a bit how Enrico’s Hitlist actually works.

It is kind of common knowledge that I do like Eurovision music a bit. 2000 was not only the year I got the idea for my charts, it was also the first year I properly watched one of the biggest yearly televised music events, the Eurovision Song Contest. Quite frankly I was fascinated by the amount of countries peacefully competing against each other simply by singing. Call me a bit old fashioned or hopeless romantic but I am still fascinated by the idea of this contest which was first held back in 1956! Yes I do agree that sometimes it sounds like bad karaoke, but that can easily be ignored I think as the amount of actual great tunes being performed in front of a life audience outweighs those. Last years winner ‘Euphoria’ by Sweden’s Loreen for example has been a pretty big success worldwide. But funny enough it didn’t enter my charts! This just shows you how – let’s call it ‘weird’ for the time being – my taste in music can be sometimes.

The most interesting bit of the event however is when the countries vote each for their favourites and give each other points. This is actually the funniest – and most controversial bit of the evening as well, as sometimes you kind of know that some countries do neighbour friendly voting. I still don’t care how political it has become nowadays as it will remain a favourite TV show of mine. Proving my point for popularity is that it’s not just broadcast within the European Broadcast Union. No, it is also shown in countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Argentina, China, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, India, Taiwan, South Korea, The Philippines, Thailand, Uruguay, Jordan, Egypt and Venezuela despite the fact that they don’t even participate.

Anyway I adapted this point system onto my weekly Top 20. And here is how it goes:

Rank 1 scores 35 points. Rank 2 gets 32. Rank 3 is worth 28, Rank 4 worth 25 and Rank 5 will get 22 points. The next one will get 19 points for being number 6. Number 7 gets 17. 15 points will be awarded to number 8 and 13 points will be given for the 9th Rank. And then it’s 11, 10, 9, 8 etc. down to a single point for being number 20. It is no rocket science really and obviously week by week the song which has been listed in the Top 20, those relevant points will be added up to easily determine how successful – or not – each song has been over time.

Those extensive lists exists for each year beginning from 2001 and of course there is a list of all the songs which have entered Enrico’s Hitlist since then! This is how I could tell you now my all time number 1 or my Number 1 song of 2009 for example, but I won’t reveal this tonight. and shall keep this for another time! But please let me know what you think about this point system and if it’s still fair towards songs entering the charts right now compared to the ones having entered much earlier?! Any thoughts, suggestions & opinions please email me:

To finish of tonight I am looking back to Week number 4 12 years ago by sharing my all time Number 38 – so far – with you! Paul Young’s ‘Love Of The Common People’ has entered the charts on the 22nd of January 2001 and spent 45 weeks in Enrico’s Hitlist since then. 2 of those 45 weeks have been at Number 1 and here’s a trivia fact about that: This song has been the first one in my charts to retain that spot! So please enjoy (disregard the fashion in this video) and keep your eyes and ears open for Week 4 of 2013 coming out on Sunday!! Enrico x


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