Hey readers and viewers from all over the world! I have to say that now, because since last week my website/blog seemed to have attracted people from almost every continent. Argentina, France, Finland, Taiwan, Singapore, Sweden to name a few newbies! Continent missing – Africa. I’ll keep you posted if and when this might happen!

Perhaps I should also mention that I am feeling a bit ‘brain fried’ today as I am becoming increasingly busier studying for my diploma/degree. Yes! This means my course book I was eagerly waiting for last week finally got delivered. I still have to laugh about the little odyssey it took in order to reach me. Now I have got time until the first week of June (once I am hopefully fresh and relaxed – or maybe even frantically panicking – back from my US tour) to go through a bit over 300 pages about the airline industry. I foolishly thought the book is quite thin when I first had a quick look at it but I am already huffing and puffing and I just finished the first tiny chapter. It looks so easy but trust me it is not! I am guessing we all will know more in July once the results will be announced. Do not fear though! You don’t have to wait until then to see my next chart update. Week six will be officially released this coming Sunday (10th of February).

Right now, whilst I’m drafting up this article – on my way to swim practice – I am listening to Fame’s ‘Give Me Your Love’, which is an ‘old’ Swedish Eurovision Entry and very coincidental as my Eurovision ‘fever’ is slowly going to take over again. It basically is the time of the year where a lot of countries decide their songs in local competitions, which they would like to see at the contest. This week I have discovered (and liked) the songs chosen from two Scandinavian countries participating in this annual event to be held in May in the Swedish city of Malmo. Can you see now what I meant by coincidence?! And even more coincidence strikes right now as I keep listening to my music. The next song drumming through my headphones is ‘Believe Again’ by Brinck who represented Denmark in the 2009 edition.

And the songs highly likely to enter my charts this week are the ones from Iceland and oh hang on Denmark (side note – coincidence)! I will introduce you to the Icelandic representative which  I think is going to be ranked very high in my upcoming Top 20. Feel free to try and pronounce his name (Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson) and the name of the song (Ég á Líf). Any thoughts?


At this point it is also time to look back and see what has previously entered my charts. First one up is ‘Affirmation’ by Savage Garden which was seen first in Enrico’s Top 20 on the 6th of February 2012. Please don’t scream or gasp, but I can’t tell you often enough that I am sometimes (a bit) late if it comes to discovering songs! Nevertheless this great piece of music has spent 14 weeks so far in the charts and is ranked 182nd having scored 209 points in total! Shut your eyes and imagine this song in the car on a road trip from Denver/Colorado into the mountains. That’s correct – that’s how I fell in love with this tune last year!


And last but not least for today – I would like to look back at a song which entered the Top 20 on the 5th of February in 2001 (that is 12 years ago who can’t count or who are too lazy to *joking*). This (90’s) classic has spent 2 weeks at number 1 and was covered by a lady called Shanie a few years ago. However, it is the original ‘Don’t Give Me Your Life’ from Alex Party which has been in the charts for 20 weeks ever since his first appearance and is currently occupying rank number 94 with a total score of 328 points! I totally enjoy these look backs – do you? Feel free to email your thoughts/suggestions: ehcharts@icloud.com. See you soon! x




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