Five Stars

Don’t expect too much today – I am pretty tired and since I am becoming busier studying I don’t have much time anymore to draft nice articles whilst on the tube to and from swim training – so thanks for understanding!

One reason for me being tired though is that I probably still feel all the wine I drank on Monday evening. Me and a few colleagues were invited by ‘The Landmark’ which is a 5 Star luxury hotel in the city of London near Marylebone station. I do think that before I passed out – in one of the biggest beds I ever slept and rooms I ever stayed in – I must have had at least two bottles of red wine all by myself. But I just couldn’t say no to that especially since it was free. And please don’t tell me you would have said no!

One thing however I’d like to happily announce today is that I had a view from someone in China on my blog which is pretty awesome! The asian powerhouse obviously has no problem with me reporting about music, charts, travelling, Eurovision etc. and therefore hasn’t censored or even blocked (yet) this lovely website. I wonder if they would if I’d post some half naked pictures of some photo shoots I previously did! Maybe I’ll change my header picture to the Great Wall of China again to which I’ve been to last November to please the worlds most populous country.

Since it is going to be Valentines Day tomorrow I have decided to look back at few songs which have entered my charts on that particular day. First one up is ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ (how fittingly) by the Supremes which entered Enrico’s Top 20 back in 2011. All Time Rank 687 means at the moment the song scored 68 points and has spent 5 weeks in total in the charts. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a proper video, but it’s more about the song anyway 😉


Second one up for this week has been ‘slightly’ more successful compared to ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’. Since it entered the charts on the 14th of February in 2005 ‘One Night In Heaven’ by M People has scored a massive 2127 points having spent 95 weeks in Enrico’s Hitlist. It is currently ranked All Time Number 3 but out of 282 Number 1’s it is the one which has spent the longest time at the top spot since its first appearance. 21 weeks speaks volumes for it’s popularity in my charts. Needless to mention that it was song of the year in 2005. One of my favourite moments – and you probably going to laugh about it – was when this great tune was played in one of London’s most famous night clubs called Heaven! Got it?! And on this note I’ll leave you with this massive hit and guess see you around on Sunday when Week 7 is going to be published. Thanks for your continuous support. Enrico x


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