Hello everybody and thanks for keep checking my website!

It has now almost been three months since I last posted an update on here. Back then I thought worse things couldn’t happen anymore, but how I was proven completely wrong during the months of June & July! I won’t go into any detail, as it is very private and would just spoil the mood again, which is not what I am aiming for plus totally not the purpose here!

Anyway, it just hit me recently, as I did have a lot of time to think about certain things such as my music charts and I have made a decision, which you will hopefully like + enjoy!

Enrico’s Hitlist as we currently know is going to start a new chapter (well kind of forced as you all know) come 1st of September 2014 and all previous records and listings shall be erased, though what I’ve got left I might keep for future reference.

After what happened in Dublin, I obviously tried to get as much music back as possible and lucky enough I did get some sort of lists/files off my iPhone and iPod (thank you Apple and myself for syncing at some point in the beginning of this year). This way I managed to miracously  recover some 4500 songs and also a complete list of all the previous Number 1’s !

Exciting news for you is that over the next two weeks until I release my first official new Top 20 I will try to do a flash back of the past 308(!) top chart sitters. It does sound crazy, as it is about 23 songs per day, which might be too overwhelming for you, so I will limit it down to probably 10 amazing tunes which rose to stardom in my charts.

Again, I would like to thank all the followers who were keep coming back looking for updates. And now enjoy the first Number 1’s of Enrico’s Hitlist’s very own special Flashback and welcome to ehCharts from the 1st of September!


Vanessa Amorosi’s ‘Absolutely Everybody’ will always be special to me, as being the first official Number 1 in Enrico’s Hitlist.



A true 90’s classic, which followed and has also been part of the first official Top 20 (as far as I can remember) . I can also remember that it was one of the longest chart sitters with over 100 weeks spent in the Top 20



Well, what can I say! Dolly Parton was there from the beginning back in 2001 and 20 years after she received her Oscar nomination for this fabulous song, she also made it to the Number 1 spot in my charts! Well done Dolly!



And another 90’s tune was reaching the top spot in the early day’s and did you know that this song reached the top position in Australia as well and lasted surprisingly 4 weeks?!



One of Enya’s most successful songs in Enrico’s Hitlist and a song which I was able to feature on a local radio station which clearly had an impact on its success in the Top 20! A song originally released in 1988.



I clearly have a good memory when it comes to my charts, or I am just very passionate about them, BUT I do remember that this song came 2nd in the year end charts of 2001 and was the first one to last longer than just one week at the top position!  It was also another song featured during an announcement on a local radio station and I should totally try and find that recording!



It won’t be her only number one song in Enrico’s Hitlist over the years to come, but the first one is always a memorable one and it remains a classic. Amazing combination of classical elements and pop does make Annie Lennox a true legend!



Now that you know Paul Young’s ‘Love Of The Common People’ was the first song to last 2 weeks at Number 1, you will be pleased to know that this song was the first one to last 3 weeks. Refreshing German Pop.



This pop ballad would eventually become her biggest hit in Enrico’s Hitlist and let’s face it, no international charts these days can be without the amazing Celine Dion.



ehCharts was and always will be very international, as this phenomenal Japanese Opening Theme demonstrates. The incredible full version is about 4 min long but I couldn’t find it. Sorry, but I hope you get the feel why it became so popular



Oh and I remember this one VERY WELL. It entered Enrico’s Hitlist on the 9th of April 2001 and I seriously have no clue why this is stuck in my head). However it was bound to become the longest chart sitter over the next 13.5 years of Enrico’s Hitlist existance and the first one to top the year end charts with well over 1.000 points. It ended up being All Time Number 4 as of May 2014.



This song will go down in history as it topped the charts to interrupt Luv just the week after having gained the top spot with the infamous ‘You’re The Greatest Lover’. Luv quickly gained success again and claimed back the top spot for weeks to come, though this would become Alberts Hammonds greatest success in Enrico’s Hitlist.



Tonight shall conclude the way it started, with Vanessa Amorosi and her amazing performance at the Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. ‘Heroes Live Forever’ is a very insperatonal song for me and who knew that that year (I am still talking about 2001) I would crack the magic minute over 100m Freestyle and meet Michael Klim at the ARENA World Cup in Berlin.


Ohh and the songs – which I decided – that didn’t make the ‘cut’ tonight are. Thanks for ‘tuning’ in and see you tomorrow!

Name Artist
The Hampsterdance Song (Radio Edit) Hampton The Hampster
Dreams Are Ten A Penny John Kincade
Australia Magic Voices
You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet Bachmann Turner-Overdrive
Don’t Give Me Your Life (Classic Alex Party Mix) Alex Party
Super Gigi D’Agostino & Albertino
El Venao (Mallorca 1998) El Venao
Life Is For Living Barclay James Harvest
Boom, Boom Millane Fernandez
We’re Going To Ibiza (Hitclub Extended Rmx) Vengaboys
Iko Iko Captain Jack

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