I can’t believe how quick time goes by at the moment, can you? It also seems that we have skipped spring completely and went straight into summer. Well it is not super hot right now but it certainly is much milder than in previous weeks so I will definitely not be complaining!

Right now I am listening to an old pop tune ‘Ever And Ever’ by a pop group called Just Friends, as I am drafting up this new article (I like the sound of the word article because it makes me sound like I am an important journalist)! Funny enough the song is very fitting for the main event I went to last Saturday! It was a very busy weekend for me and I am just trying to recap the one just gone, which obviously started for me on Friday after work!

A good friend from Seattle who I haven’t seen for over two years was in London and asked if I was able to hang out with him for a pint or two. Surely you all know and agree with me how it is because after the third pint you kind of start losing count. After venturing between different venues – and with my friends wedding the next day in mind – I found my strength to go home at a fairly decent time and catch a few hours sleep!  Getting up way too early however was not the best of ideas as you might have guessed and yes, I was pretty hungover. I can proudly admit though that I was very well organised and pre-packed (which doesn’t happen very often these days) and managed to quickly iron my shirt and jet of to Stratford-Upon-Avon in the beautiful English countryside. It was actually my second wedding in the county of Warwickshire and for those who are interested: Stratford-Upon-Avon is the birth place of Shakespeare!

Some friends of mine however were a bit better organised than me as they arrived the night before at the hotel were the reception would take place. I was cheeky enough to use their room to get dressed up. I am not saying this very often but I did look very smart in my grey suit, blue tie etc or as some of you might say I looked dapper! The wedding itself was absolutely beautiful and very well organised. It was perfect from the moment I got there until it was time for me to leave and go back to the capital. I only stayed for the day and decided to take the last train home, but I was able to enjoy all the important things like a bit of old traditional dancing, the wedding cake, the food, the alcohol (yes more!), the speeches – well you know how it works on those occasions! Besides seeing the freshly married couple I think the moment I will recall from that night will be the whole swim team dancing to PSY’s smash hit from last year – in the charts and more famously on YouTube – ‘Gangnam Style’! It might have been a mega hit in the rest of the world, it did not however perform very well in Enrico’s Hitlist, as within it’s five weeks appearance it merely scored 13 points which only gives him all time rank 1450! Since it was a key moment and a memorable one I still would like to share the most watched YouToube video of all time!

You might also wonder what could top this brilliant day?! Well I think my stay at ‘The Landmark’ -which is a luxury 5* Hotel near Marylebone station – did that! Nevertheless after a beautiful night sleep in my Executive King bedded room and a very healthy breakfast in the dazzling winter garden it was time to get back home and face reality after what felt like been in a fairytale or a story in ‘Once Upon A Time’!

So! Before I bore you even further here are some old entries out of Enrico’s Top 20 around this time of the month in previous years.

On the 18th of April back in 2005 and if I’m not mistaken it was pretty warm back then too. Hmm maybe I just made that up?! Anyway Fleetwood Mac entered the Top 20 with their up until today most successful song ‘Everywhere’. Despite not being a Number 1 hit, it still went on to stay in the charts for 43 weeks in total and accumulated 561 points, which ranks them in the All Time Top 40 at position Number 39! A great song and a great video for you to enjoy!

The very same day another song entered Enrico’s Hitlist. Originally performed by the Pointer Sisters, ‘Jump (For My Love)’ sung by UK girl group Girls Aloud went on to become a Number 1 Hit for 2 weeks in total. Having spent only 27 weeks however means it is not as highly ranked as Fleetwood Macs ‘Everywhere’ mentioned above. Rank 51 as of today with 488 points in total is still a respectable place for the best girl group since the Spice Girls!

I’ve got one more and the last song I’d like to share is in honour of my friends and their wedding day. On the 13th of April in 2009 Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons entered my charts with ‘Oh What A Night (December ’63)’ which doesn’t need much explanation as it is another example of how fitting it is on this occasion! Well it could have been more fitting if they sung April instead but you can’t have everything can you?! It never became a hit though in the actual Top 20 regardless of a very catchy melody and dropped out after just three weeks having collected 24 points. It is just enough for position 1189 in the All Time rankings. Hope you all have a great rest of the week!


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