Week No. 16

Enrico’s Hitlist Week 16 (15/04/2013-21/04/2013)

Rank Last Week Artist(s) / Band(s) Song Title Weeks
1 1 Carlos Baute Loquitos De Amor 2
2 7 Nashville Cast Ho Hey 2
3 NEW Bonnie Tyler Believe In Me 1
4 2 Icona Pop & Charli XCX I Love It 4
5 6 Glee Mamma Mia 5
6 3 ESDM Contigo Hasta El Final 6
7 4 Bastille Pompeii 6
8 5 Eva Santa Maria Hombres 7
9 NEW Nelly Hey Porsche 1
10 NEW Robin Stjernberg You 1
11 14 Dolly Parton Straight Talk 4
12 9 Pink & Nate Ruess Just Give Me A Reason 5
13 NEW One Direction C’mon C’mon 1
14 11 Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening Theme 3
15 RE-ENTRY Dolly Parton Light Of A Clear Blue Morning 1
16 RE-ENTRY Meat Loaf I’d Do Anything For Love 1
17 12 Glee Anything Could Happen 10
18 8 Lindi Ortega The Day You Die 9
19 15 Glee Hell To The No 2
20 NEW Emmelie De Forest Only Teardrops 1

As you can see, the only non-mover this week appears to be able to retain his number 1 position for a second week in a row. Carlos Baute manages – with his comeback single ‘Loquitos De Amor’ – to fight off ‘Hey Ho’ from the Nashville Cast who moved up five positions from last week’s seventh rank.

It is however another week dominated by some Eurovision Song Contest entries such as the highest one being the representative for the United Kingdom in Malmo this year Bonnie Tyler, who’s biggest success in Enrico’s Hitlist so far has been ‘Bitter Blue’. I would rate her Eurovision single ‘Believe In Me’ as a typical Bonnie Tyler song, given the melody, voice, arrangements etc and it grew on me this week which means, the 3rd place is more than justified. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Other new Eurovision entries this week are from the host nation Sweden itself in form of Robin Stjernbergs ‘You’ (which has been dominating the Swedish Top 60) and Denmarks Emelie De Forest with ‘Only Teardrops’. Robin wins the fight over Denmark at the moment as he is debuting on position 10 compared to Emelie’s 20th place!

You might also notice that American Grammy-Award singer Nelly made his first appearance in Enrico’s Hitlist with his latest single ‘Hey Porsche’ which is yet another example of the huge diversity in my charts, especially this week. Notable drop outs have been Tina Arena’s ‘The Flame’ which – like Carlos Baute – made a surprise comeback seven days ago and the Dixie Chicks’s country themed single ‘I Can Love You Better’! Funny is that UK X-Factor boy group One Direction manages to replace themselves by entering with ‘C’mon C’mon’ on Position 13 and kicking out their very own ‘They Don’t Know About Us’.


I would also like to welcome back Dolly Parton’s second most successful single in Enrico’s Charts: ‘Light Of A Clear Blue Morning’. I had a few friends over last night for dinner and I think I managed to impress them with my cooking skills. Anyway, I made them watch the 1992 comedy movie ‘Straight Talk’ (this helped her single with the very same name climbing up again to number 11 from last weeks 14th position) with Dolly herself! This movie also features ‘Desperate Housewives’ star Teri Hatcher! Long story short: this song is one of the most inspiring songs ever written (FACT!) and it is the tune I’d be listening to before every swim race. If my swim training goes well like it is at the moment, I shall be competing again come July  and you can bet that this tune will be ringing through my headphones! I’ll probably humming to this tomorrow morning on my way to work too!


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