I really start enjoying these weekly reviews of previous chart entries! It usually brings back some good memories or if it’s a sad song some not so good ones. I am certainly getting excited though for my holiday which will begin next week! Yes I know, it is still 9 days away but I can recall me desperately counting down a couple of months ago and suddenly it is literally just around the corner. In a few weeks time I also shall reveal how songs actually do enter Enrico’s Hitlist. So stay tuned!

And I’m starting again with a song which won the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1986. On the 8th of May 2006 (and therefore almost 20 years after it’s original release/appearance) ‘J’Aime La Vie’ by Sandra Kim enters Enrico’s Hitlist. She has spent 12 weeks in the Top 20 and scored 101 points in total, which gives her rank 487 in the All Time Charts. The song made a re-entry back in 2011, after the following video was released. I think it’s actually brilliant to see young Kim next to the current one 25 years later. Did you know that back in 1986 Kim was only 13 years old and the youngest ever Eurovision winner. And current rules require Eurovision Song Contest participants to be at least 16, so unless the rule is changed Kim’s record will never be broken.


For the next song we have to go back a bit further in time. ‘Overload’ became the Sugababes’ first success not just in Enrico’s Hitlist. It was the UK Girl groups first international chart placing. On the 7th of May in 2001 it entered the Top 20 and remained there for 13 consecutive weeks. It occupies rank 277 in the All Time Rankings with the 161 points it has so far accumulated! I totally forgot about this video too which is a bit Atomic Kitten like! And oh my god how this group has transformed itself and none of it’s original members are part of it anymore! Crazy eh?!


Whitney Houston had a minor hit in Enrico’s Top 20 in 2004 with ‘How Will I Know’, which entered on the 10th of May that year. Originally released in 1985 it was a commercially world wide success for the American recording artist and multiple Grammy Award winner! However it only survived 4 weeks in my charts with just 39 points, which means it merely makes it into the All Time Top 1000 at current position 949! Who would have guess that this song initially was meant to be sung by Janet Jackson who passed on it! I bet she regretted it as soon it became such a big hit!


And I have a fourth song I’d like to share with you this evening! ABBA’s most successful song in Enrico’s Hitlist is ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ and not ‘Mamma Mia!’, ‘Fernando’, ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Waterloo’ etc. like most of you might have thought! It entered the Top 20 on the 11th of February in 2002 and is the highest ranking song in the All Time Charts without having reached the Number 1 spot! It has spent a staggering 64 weeks in the charts so far and is currently ranked Number 18 with 775 points! Not that I wish back winter weather anytime soon (and the weather has been great recently!), but it is a wonderful video given that it was recorded back in 1976! A truly timeless song I can listen over and over again!



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