Week No. 42

Enrico’s Hitlist Week 42 (14/10/2013-20/10/2013)

Rank Last Week Artist(s) / Band(s) Song Title Weeks
1 NEW Aubrey Peeples Gonna Get Even 1
2 20 The Vamps Can We Dance 2
3 1 Glee Seasons Of Love 2
4 2 Luminate Let My Love Open The Door 3
5 3 Robin Thicke The Good Life 5
6 4 Glee Let It Be 3
7 NEW The Trio Feels Like Home 1
8 5 Glee Get Back 3
9 6 Tegan & Sara Closer 5
10 RE-ENTRY Gabrielle Ring Meg 1
11 NEW Cher I Hope You Find It 1
12 8 Misha B Do You Think Of Me 12
13 10 Demi Lovato Skyscraper 3
14 9 Jessie J It’s My Party 9
15 11 Glee I’ll Stand By You 2
16 17 Robin Thicke & T.I. & Pharrell Blurred Lines 22
17 12 Katy Perry Roar 8
18 15 One Republic I Lived 11
19 16 One Republic Feel Again 21
20 7 Hayden Panettiere Love Like Mine 2

It has been six whole weeks since my last official release! I had to take a ‘little’ break from publishing Enrico’s Hitlist! But the wait is over and it’s back!! Yes I am skipping to the current Week 42, but do not fret, the recent weeks will be published over the next days to catch up on events you missed out, such as the return of music from Glee, Nashville & other songs related to TV-Shows. At this point I would like to give a massive thank you to my loyal fans who without this website would not be possible.

Moving on to this week’s Top 20, which is seeing a brand New Number 1 in the top spot! Aubrey Peeples appeared on Nashville with this very catchy pop tune a few weeks ago and by the way it’s currently going it could be a song dominating Enrico’s Hitlist until the end of the year! ‘Gonna Get Even’ is a perfect example for one of the major Genre’s in this years charts, called Country-Pop! Enjoy the song!

Barely making it into the charts in the previous week ‘Can We Dance’ was suddenly all around this week and it is no wonder that it climbed 18 positions up to Number 2 just behind Aubrey! I am not even sure where this group suddenly appeared from and how I heard about it, but it sure had an impact in Enrico’s Hitlist like it had in the UK Top 40!

After two years ‘Ring Meg’ is re-emerging into Enrico’s Top 20. Gabrielle, who was first seen in the charts back in August 2011 manages to occupy rank 10 just in front of an X-Factor related comeback by Cher with ‘I Hope You Find It’ on the 11th spot respectively. Top comment for this one on youTube:  ‘Actually, Call Me Maybe is the American version of Ring Meg’. I guess judge for yourself and let me know your thoughts!


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