Week No. 43

Enrico’s Hitlist Week 43 (21/10/2013-27/10/2013)

Rank Last Week Artist(s) / Band(s) Song Title Weeks
1 1 Aubrey Peeples Gonna Get Even 2
2 NEW James Blunt Bonfire Heart 1
3 2 The Vamps Can We Dance 3
4 4 Luminate Let My Love Open The Door 4
5 10 Gabrielle Ring Meg 2
6 5 Robin Thicke The Good Life 6
7 RE-ENTRY Dolly Parton Shine Like The Sun 1
8 11 Cher I Hope You Find It 2
9 3 Glee Seasons Of Love 3
10 9 Tegan & Sara Closer 6
11 6 Glee Let It Be 4
12 7 The Trio Feels Like Home 2
13 12 Misha B Do You Think Of Me 13
14 NEW Dixie Chicks The Long Way Around 1
15 16 Robin Thicke & T.I. & Pharrell Blurred Lines 23
16 RE-ENTRY Kurt Calleja This Is The Night 1
17 19 One Republic Feel Again 22
18 14 Jessie J It’s My Party 10
19 8 Glee Get Back 4
20 18 One Republic I Lived 12

Week 43 of this year has it all by the looks of it! Quite a colourful week, just judging from the ups and downs and re-appearances. Thumbs up of course to Nashville hit ‘Gonna Get Even’ by Aubrey Peeples as she manages to retain the top spot for a second week. She can hold off an attack from James Blunt who is shooting up to Number 2 this week with his debut single in Enrico’s Hitlist: ‘Bonfire Heart’. The song has a bit of similarity feel to Shane Filans ‘Everything To Me’ which was just recently in the Top 20, don’t you think?!

Well I don’t think it’s no longer a secret that I’m a massive Dolly Parton fan. And this week it has transpired that the queen of country music is touring the UK again next year. Fingers crossed my sources are correct. Anyway: ‘Shine Like the Sun’ had the honour of being constantly played on my iPod this past week and Dolly rightfully earned her way back in Enrico’s Top 20 at Number 7. There is just something about Dolly, her gift to write songs and translating most of it into something uplifting which always has the affect to motivate you!

Last but not least a blast from the past! Well not really, because the Dixie Chicks did appear with this song for the first time last year. By just looking at the youTube results and the lack of videos to this song it seems it is a much older song, than it actually is. ‘The Long Way Around’ was only recorded back in 2006, and apparently it was selected the 20th best song of that year by the Rolling Stone Magazine, which does make me wonder why there is no proper video to it. Nevertheless this is about music anyway and not so much about videos!! What a week eh?!


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