2001 / 2002

As promised, I am continuing my flashback today of the previous 308 number 1s of Enrico’s Hitlist.

First one up is a song most people are probably surprised with given my favouritism towards 90’s pop, Eurovision and Country music! Nevertheless it did eventually reach number one back in an eventful Summer 2001.



Next one up probably as controversial as the first tune above. However no charts would be complete with the incredible Nana Mouskouri. ‘Guten Morgen Sonnenschein’ rose to success during a swimming training camp to wake up the entire team early in the morning. I also guess not many people know that she has sold over 300 million (!) records and is  currently the 2nd most successful female artist of all time



September 2001 is stuck in most peoples mind due to tragic events taking place in the United States Of America. ‘Only Time’ by Enya has become a signature song on various news channels and it was only a matter of time that it reached the top spot in Enrico’s Hitlist where it remained for two weeks.



‘Suavemente’ stood for summer, sunshine and party and that was exactly the lifestyle I was living during my 4 months on the sunny island of Fuerteventura (Canary Island/Spain). The first song to keep everyone at bay for 6 continuous weeks despite a shitty video!



I remember this fabulous song debuted at number one on the 26th of November 2001 and I’m not sure how and Petula Clark’s ‘Downtown’ will remain a classic sing along song forever, well in my charts at least!



And we are back in the 90’s with a very controversial song that despite it’s simple lyrics reached the charts top spot in the country of pop itself, the UK, well and Enrico’s Hitlist, though only a few years later.



We have now reached 2002 and after the amazing success of Luv’s ‘You’re The Greatest Lover’ in 2001 their success would continue with another five further number one songs! ‘U.O.Me’ was the only good video I could found. Song of the year eventually would become the groups ‘If You Love Me’.



The next song brings me back to my time in Cologne/Germany whilst at the army, but not that I was thinking about escaping the city! It was just because I wanted to head back to sunny Spain where I had so much fun.  This song gained popularity in Enrico’s Hitlist as it was constantly played on train journeys homewards bound where I grew up.



Who knew that this one would climb up to the top spot and cling onto it for an amazing 4 weeks?! I also remember it accumulated 425 points in total. Madonna might have had the original, but the Dutch Eurodance group surely did justice to it with an incredible pop cover version.



You can always rely on English Pop music and it was no real surprise that Atomic Kitten’s ‘I Want Your Love’ rose to number one and became their most successful hit in Enrico’s Hitlist. The violin elements in the latter part of the song are just fantastic.



2002 went down as the year of pop themed cover songs as previously Mad’house’s ‘Like A Prayer’ demonstrated and the genius revival of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’ was not only popular in Germany where this group comes from, but also in Enrico’s Hitlist.



And I’m finishing off tonights flashback with another pop song which lasted six weeks on the top spot and scored over 600 points during it’s appearance in Enrico’s Top 20! And yes it is another very well done cover song of ‘A Little Less Conversation’ by Elvis vs. JXL. I do remember how much I liked and danced along to this video.


And here are the songs which didn’t make the cut tonight. Hope you enjoyed this flashback

Name Artist
Joseph Megamix Joseph
Das Finale Tanz Der Vampire
P.A.S.S.I.O.N. Passion Fruit
The Chase (Extended Edit) Rednex
La Nina Los Del Rio
Don Juanita De Carnaval Luv
If You Love Me Luv
I.M.U.R. Luv
Mony, Mony Tommy James & The Shondells
Zahma Zahma Iberostar Ole
A’ama Beachmix 2 Hawaii
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride Lilo & Stitch


I am so achy this evening, so I have to keep it short! I did a double workout today which means a 1.5 hour gym session was followed by 1.5 hours in the swimming pool! This means everything hurts right now and I should try to get a decent sleep so my muscles can recover for more action in the pool tomorrow evening! I know I am a bit addicted to the water! I think swimming was much more painful, probably because I didn’t stretch properly after lifting a few (heavy) weights! But you know what they say: no pain no gain!

It was also extremely warm today (both in the gym and in the leisure centre my club is training at) which makes exercising even harder! I do find it strange how some people in the gym work out without sweating at all, whilst I start to be dripping wet just minutes after my warm up on the rowing machine and listening to Lady Gaga’s smash-hit ‘The Edge Of Glory’! I think it’s going to be a myth to me, like how guys also just go to the gym to do a kind of fashion show (and not everyone who’s walking by, shaking their ass is not that good looking). It does however keep me entertained like the songs I’m listening to whilst pumping the iron!

So my flash back this week starts with a song which entered Enrico’s Hitlist back on the 23rd of April in 2001. Yes (!), a staggering 12 years ago! It definitely isn’t a song I’d have on whilst working out, but back then I couldn’t care less! Irish singer Enya managed to stay 15 weeks in total in the Top 20, whilst scoring 218 points, which gives her all time rank 174 at this stage. It is her second most successful single in my charts only a few points behind her Number 1 Single – originally released in 1988 – ‘Orinoco Flow’, which also made its debut in 2001. ‘Anywhere Is’ followed in 1995 and became a minor international hit for this grammy-award winning singer and instrumentalist. Apparently (according to Wikipedia) her record sales are making her one of the world’s most-selling artists of all time!


Exactly Six years after Enya’s first appearance a British alternative rock group called Transvision Vamp debuted at Number 1 for one week in Enrico’s Hitlist! I woud like to point out, that ‘I Want Your Love’ did not just became a hit in my charts, as it also went onto the top spot in the Norwegian Singles Charts! Despite the initial high ranking though the song only lasted nine weeks before it dropped out again, which leaves them with a total score of 152 points or rank 304 in the all time rankings! The song was initially released in 1988 and was the bands first UK Top 40 hit. I do think that to a slight degree Karmin’s video to ‘Brokenhearted’ is the modern version of this one!


One song which I have to admit I was listening to earlier on whilst working hard in the gym was the Glee version of ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’. Since Whitney Houston’s original from 1987 is the most successful one though, I would like to share her video instead of the short one from the US TV-Hit show, which by the way got extended last Friday for another two seasons! Glee entered the charts on the 23rd of April in 2012, fiive years later than Transvision Vamps ‘I Want Your Love’ with nine weeks in the Top 20 as well, but only 103 points and position 473 out of currently 1915 songs listed in total! Whitney’s version easily surpasses this, having spent 36 weeks since her first appearance back in March 2001! She’s occupying all-time rank 111 with her 294 points and therefore narrowly missing out on the Top 100! Surprisingly both versions never reached the Top Spot, but no matter what anyone is thinking right now,  this tune is a winner for the dance floor!!! And my bed is a winner now as well! See you Sunday for the next release of Enrico’s Top 20!!