So, January is almost over and week 5 of Enrico’s Hitlist is already sharpening up. The so called dry month or by a few friends kindly nick named ‘Banuary’ is coming to an end and I am very proud to announce that I have not had a single drop of alcohol over the past 31 days! I must admit, that I was tempted every now and then and most recently last Friday when a few mates were over at my place not finishing the bottle of red wine. Funny enough the bottle is still there – and half full of course. I could take a picture to give you some evidence but I think you have to take my word as most of you probably think I did drink it all and just bought a new one (which I did not!).

A few other things, besides my charts are sharpening up as well, such as me signing up to finally start studying! Yes I am very excited that I have enrolled and to get my first course book delivered. According to the UPS tracker it should be with me tomorrow. Last known location was Castle Donnington in the United Kingdom. However it is still a mystery to me how UPS logistics works, as according to the website the book (I don’t know if it’s just a monster book or more than one!) has been dispatched last night in Montreal and before reaching Philly made it’s way to Louisville in Kentucky which – what I found out today – is one of this parcel delivery company’s major hubs. I will keep you posted if I get it delivered successfully!

I have also finally decided on the cities I am going to visit in May whilst I’m going to be in the United States! It is definitely going to be an adventurous journey, travelling through New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego and Miami. I am sure you can sense that I am very excited about it. On that note one suggestion which has been brought forward to me was to write more about my very own travel experiences. Is this something (besides my charts) you’d be interested in? I might go and try to start a poll about it and see what the results are going to be and of course will let you know the outcome! Suggestions as usual to my email please:

And now back to some music chart business! I am going to present you some chart breakers from previous years and also would like to show you a guaranteed Re-Entry for this weeks Top 20 (officially to be announced on Sunday the 3rd of February!). And for those who are interested in how songs enter my Hitlist: just be patient. It will be revealed at some point!

In Week Number 5 of 2011 Norway’s Stella Mwangi entered Enrico’s Hitlist with her Eurovision Entry ‘Haba Haba’. The live performance in the Semi-Final was absolutely rubbish and Stella did not advance into the final in Dusseldorf/Germany. The early draw (she was number 1 in that Semi-Final) probably didn’t help her either besides the poorly singing and dancing on stage. Regardless of that performance, the song became a massive hit in Enrico’s Hitlist. Not only has it spent 8 weeks at Number 1, it also narrowly kept Lady Gaga’s ‘The Edge Of Glory’ at bay in the year end charts with a very small lead of 34 points! So far it has spent 65 weeks in total in my charts and is currently ranked as All Time Number 10!

For the next song we even have to look back a bit further. In 2005 Australian phenomenon Kylie Minogue managed to sneak onto Number 1 for the very first time in my charts with her famous song ‘I Believe In You’. She even managed a minor Re-Entry in last years charts with her Abbey Road Sessions version of this tune. But compared to ‘Haba Haba’ this song looks more like a One Hit Wonder as up until today it has only spent 4 weeks in total in my Top 20 and is only ranked All Time Number 575.

And now to the song which will definitely re-enter my Top 20 this week! It is ‘Marley’s Chain’s’ by Honey Rider. I don’t want to bore you with dry facts so I will keep it short and simple so you can enjoy this magnificent song. But I want to tell you, that so far it has scored 79 points over 10 weeks and is at Number 608 out of 1875 songs listed. Enjoy! x


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