Do you remember me complaining last week about the awful water quality of the pool I was training in? Looks like I took away a bloody ear infection from the lovely Queen Mother Sports Centre (QMSC) here in London! It was actually the first one I’ve ever had! And it’s not nice, let me tell you, especially since the ears are kind of responsible for keeping you balanced if you know what I mean. Do not fret though, as I didn’t fall over or walked down the street like an alcoholic. It was however pretty painful to the degree of me not even being able to touch my ear without it hurting. Unfortunately it was so bad, that I had to consult a doctor on Sunday morning at 8am! Lucky for me the practice is literally just a minute walk away! But even him trying to check out my ear was not a pleasant experience. Anyway to calm you all down (for those who were worried about me): the antibiotics (in form of ear drops and additionally some Ibuprofen) did its magic and I think I got rid of it. Went to the pool again yesterday after my little mini-break away from it. And I actually just got home earlier on from another good session this evening. And I am happy to announce that the water quality has much improved.

Perhaps the weather at the moment isn’t very supportive to the circumstances of the pool condition last week either, as it seems winter is back in the United Kingdom! Today was such a random day weather wise though. We had everything from hail to rain to sunshine and snow of course. I hope the thermometer will soon show a rise in temperature! And because it doesn’t at the moment I’ve decided to share a video which will get me right into summer mood:

‘Vamonos’ by Garcia was a massive success in Enrico’s Hitlist back in 1996 and ultimately became song of the year end charts! And yes, I always had a fascination for music charts, rankings, stats etc. and produced my very own rankings way before I officially started ‘releasing’ my official Hitlist in 2001. I hope you’re impressed now, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

I am also proud to welcome the latest three viewing countries on board of this website: the Russian Federation, Turkey and Japan! It does look quite impressive, when almighty Russia is suddenly covered and successfully ticked off on the world map! Next big country currently missing now is Brazil. Maybe in the near future a South American song will appear in my Top 20?! Well now that we have a pope from Argentina I am pretty sure more news will come our way from this fascinating region/continent! I shall keep you posted about that of course! Oh and if you have any comments or song suggestions please feel free to leave them on here (underneath this article) as it is really much appreciated!

Another social media medium I am trying to currently develop my skills in is Twitter. For some reason I can’t seem to get the hang out of it and so far @ehcharts has merely 45 followers. I mean I’ve got more followers on Instagram and there I just post pictures of me! I probably should post some more of those half naked pictures on twitter? Is that the secret? I could seriously do with some help  in how to use Twitter properly! Again please feel free to comment on this article (still underneath) if you have any input about this, or feel free to email me: ehcharts@icloud.com

Since we have Eurovision ‘Fever’ at the moment and at least that temperature is rising at this stage, here is a little looking back to a song which has entered Enrico’s Hitlist on the 13th of March back in 2001! In 2000 Ines represented Estonia with ‘Once In A Lifetime’ at the Song Contest in Swedens capital Stockholm. Since her first appearance in my charts she managed to stay 10 weeks in the Top 20 whilst scoring 74 points which means All Time rank Number 643. A pretty tune which is kind of country themed (the currently dominating music theme in my charts) and should have done better than it actually did (and the polls pre contest suggested), but that is only my opinion.

Okay last one for this evening is a song which entered my charts on the 14th of March in 2005. It shot up straight to number 1 in its first week of appearance. Since then ‘Open Your Heart’ by M People spent 44 weeks in my Hitlist, became M People’s 2nd most successful hit (behind ‘One Night In Heaven’) and is currently ranked Number 25 in the All Time list with a staggering 668 points in total!


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