Week No. 11

Enrico’s Hitlist Week 11 (11/03/2013-17/03/2013)

Rank Last Week Artist(s) / Band(s) Song Title Weeks
1 NEW ESDM Contigo Hasta El Final 1
2 1 Lindi Ortega The Day You Die 4
3 2 Glee Anything Could Happen 5
4 13 Eva Santa Maria Hombres 2
5 8 Ryan Dolan Only Love Survives 2
6 3 Hayden Panettiere Telescope 7
7 5 Jo Dee Messina Heads Carolina, Tail California 4
8 4 Emeli Sande Next To Me 4
9 RE-ENTRY Dallas Dallas Opening Theme 1
10 9 ByeAlex Kedvesem 2
11 11 Glee Old Time Rock & Roll / Danger Zone 2
12 NEW Bastille Pompeii 1
13 15 Celine Dion Prière Paienne 3
14 12 Krista Siegfrids Marry Me 6
15 16 Honey Rider Marley’s Chains 7
16 18 Lady Gaga Fashion Of His Love 3
17 17 Karmin Brokenhearted 30
18 6 Paloma Faith Never Tear Us Apart 5
19 10 Nicole Scherzinger Boomerang 6
20 RE-ENTRY Kate Yanai Summer Dreamin’ 1

Week 11 and oh my god, where to start?! I guess with a new Number 1. It is a first for a Eurovision Song coming from Spain. ESDM is going to represent this southern European country with ‘Contigo Hasta El Final’. I am wondering how well this song is going to perform in Malmo on the 18th of May, as Spain is one of the big 5 countries which will definitely be in the Final, and obviously – being this weeks highest entry – I do think it will do very well. I wasn’t convinced in the beginning as it sounded pretty much folklore, kind of Irish really, but as the song is progressing it is just impossible to stop listening. I’d say give it a go!

Isn’t it ironic, coincidental even, that last week Irelands representative Ryan Dolan entered Enrico’s Hitlist with his song ‘Only Love Surives’, given that it is St. Patricks Day today?! I guess to all my Irish friends out there Happy St. Patricks Day and well done on the song from jumping 3 positions up from the 8th rank to number 5 this week!

And I know what everybody is thinking right now: What the hell is the ‘Dallas Opening Theme’ doing in my Top 20 re-entering this week at Number 9?! Well to be honest I am surprised it hasn’t entered any earlier, since the remake of Dallas in 2012 by Warner Bros subsidiary TV channel TNT. Last time seen in 2008 – so far – the iconic theme song created by Jerrold Immel has scored 196 points whilst making its first appearance on the 12th of May 2003. All my friends know that I am a pretty devoted fan of one of the most successful shows in television history. And I do think since Larry Hagmans death I will always be connected somehow to it. Reason being: the actor who created famous villain J.R.Ewing died on the 23rd of November last year which is my Birthday. And to honour his incredible achievements (though I much preferred Bobby Ewing) his funeral took place on TV this week. I would like to share this special opening theme with you, not just because it’s such a memorable song, also because it shows beautiful shots of the city which made Texas more famous than oil: DALLAS. Don’t worry it’s only a minute long. Oh and my header picture shows me in front of South Fork ranch, which I was lucky enough to visit last year in September, making a childhood dream come true.

Before I give out some stats about the re-entry on the 20th place today, last week I totally forgot to mention that ‘Footloose’ by Glee was the 1900th song to enter Enrico’s Hitlist. I also would like to point out – in case you’re making fun of ‘old’ songs entering my charts, that Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’ was seen in the UK Top 40 on position Number 15 last week (29th this week in case you’re interested). And that song goes back to 1987!! Just saying.

So my search for summer looks like it is set to continue as the winter weather will just not go away at the moment. Kate Yanai’s ‘Summer Dreamin” is the perfect song to relax, to shut your eyes and it makes you feel like you are in paradise from the very beginning. Funny enough – since the 3rd of September 2001 – it has scored the same amount of points as the ‘Dallas Opening Theme’. However it is ranked on position number 200 as it took ‘slightly’ longer (23 weeks compared to 14 weeks to be precise) to equal the score of 196 points! I guess last time I was cold and needed a nice summer tune was in 2010 as this was when the commercial tune to Barcadi was last seen in my charts. Phew and after all this excitement in this weeks Top 20 I better chill to this song with a nice glass of wine, ice cream and strawberries. Bliss!


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