I just had a scary moment with a few of my songs as they were suddenly gone out of my iTunes and nowhere to be seen/found! Luckily I had been recording the last few weeks of my charts so I knew exactly what five songs I had to recover! If I wouldn't have found them … Continue reading Wild



Hello fellow Music lovers and a very happy new year to you all! I hope it has been a great start for everyone. It certainly has been a good one for me, having my first run of 2017 out of the way. I also set myself some New Years Resolutions and one of the big … Continue reading Revival


Do you remember me complaining last week about the awful water quality of the pool I was training in? Looks like I took away a bloody ear infection from the lovely Queen Mother Sports Centre (QMSC) here in London! It was actually the first one I've ever had! And it's not nice, let me tell … Continue reading Temperature