Unfortunately I don’t have much to report this week, nor do I like to whine about the cold weather again. Yes it is still cold in London and there is still no sign of spring happening anytime soon. And we all know it is supposed to be kind of officially spring right now! Oops I swear I will give it a rest and maybe that will trigger some warm weather! Fingers crossed!!

So here is a little looking back and see what made an appearance in Enrico’s Top 20 in previous years around this time! I hope you enjoy!  Oh I’d also like to announce that next Monday I shall give you a little overview of the Top 10 songs so far after the first 12 weeks of 2013! Oh I’d also like to welcome Bahrain, Nepal, Thailand & Peru as the newest viewing countries on this website!

First one up is a song from dutch group Pussycat (no not the Pussycat Dolls, before you all get too excited – and they’re not dutch anyway!), which was originally released in 1975. ‘Mississippi’ became their sole number one hit in the United Kingdom in 1976, spending four weeks at number 1! Funny enough it entered my charts on the 20th of March 2006. Obviously I find it funny as it is almost 30 years after their first appearance and yet another typical example of an ‘oldie’ having an impact in my Top20. So far it has scored 202 points whilst been in the charts for a total of 12 weeks. This means it is currently ranked on position 195 in the All-Time charts. For all those freaking out right now with OMG in their heads – you might calm down knowing that it hasn’t reached the Top position in Enrico’s Hitlist. Still a good song though!

It seems that in that week back in 2006 all the so called ‘classic’ songs entered Enrico’s Hitlist, such as ‘Dolce Vita’ performed by Ryan Paris originally released and highly successful in 1983! Apparently (according to Wikipedia) the song is one of the biggest worldwide pop-dance successes created in Italy, which I find a very interesting fact. For those who are intrigued: the song did manage to reach the Number 1 spot in my charts, but was not even as closely good as ‘Mississippi’ by Pussycat. I was almost going to write Pussycat Dolls. Sorry it is one of those days and I am having a blonde moment or probably ‘inhaled’ too much chlorine at swim practice earlier on this evening. Ryan however only managed to stay in the Top 20 for 5 weeks, whilst securing 87 points which leaves him at this stage on All-Time Position Number 560. A very charming video being filmed in the french capital and city of love: Paris!

Last song ‘introduction’ for today has entered the charts on the 21st of March 2011. Michael Franti & Spearhead made their first appearance in my charts with a song called ‘Have A Little Faith’ which was introduced in the ABC Drama Series ‘Brothers & Sisters’ starring one of my favourite actresses Sally Field! Oh where was I? Yes right follow up single ‘Hey Hey Hey’ became the biggest hit in Enrico’s Hitlist for the American musician having spent 10 weeks in the Top 20 whilst scoring 182 points! This gives him rank number 225 out of currently 1902 songs listed in the All-Time Charts!


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