2013 Top 10 So Far


Rank Points Artist Title Weeks 2012
10 105 One Direction I Would 8 Pl. 19 (171)
9 105 Nicole Scherzinger Boomerang 6  
8 114 Emeli Sande Next To Me 5  
7 122 Krista Siegfrids Marry Me 6  
6 158 Lindi Ortega The Day You Die 5  
5 159 Glee Anything Could happen 6  
4 160 Glee Some Nights 5 Pl. 25 (150)
3 173 Karmin Brokenhearted 11 Pl. 6 (432)
2 175 Labrinth & Emeli Sande Beneath Your Beautiful 8  
1 204 Hayden Panettiere Telescope 8  

As promised, you can now see the current Top 10 of 2013 after the first 12 weeks into the year. I guess most of you ‘feared’ that Hayden Panettiere would be at Number 1 with her country-pop smash hit ‘Telescope’. Apart from that there are some pretty tight fights on the other ranks. For example only two points separation between Lindi Ortegas ‘The Day You Die’ on 6th and Glee’s ‘Some Nights’ on 4th position. But the year is still young and things certainly will change. Given the run of currently ‘Mamma Mia’ (another fabulous Glee cover) there might be a new Number 1 Hit by the end of the week.

To finish off todays brief and kind of out of order update I still like to share a previous chart entry. Trust me, it’s so much fun to find out what has entered in previous years! On the 25th of March in 2002, Celine Dion – who is currently represented in the Top 20 with french pop single ‘Priere Paenne’ – managed to sneak into Enrico’s Hitlist for four weeks in total with her otherwise famous ballad ‘Because You Loved Me’. Having seen this video for the very first time I had to dig into the archives to find out it was used for the movie ‘Up Close & Personal’ which I did not know. Anyway – in its four weeks chart appearance Celine has collected 25 points which ranks her at position 1173 in the All Time Charts. Happy Monday everyone!



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