Most of you probably didn’t notice that nothing was posted last night, and Wednesday night is usually time for my midweek report. But even I do get suddenly sick from time to time.  And yesterday was such a random day where I just felt ill the whole time (still managed to drag myself out of bed to go to work though!). I got home shortly after 5pm and then kind of slept through the night with some severe stomach pain. It wasn’t nice, whatever it was! I am all better now and did go to swim practice again tonight too – so I obviously must feel better then! Anyway I’ll try to keep it short tonight with a few look backs of what has previously entered the charts around this time of the year. I hope most of you will enjoy the long Easter Weekend! Sunday’s chart release for Week 13 of 2013 looks to be a very interesting one!

By the way: I am going to see my first ever Football (for my american fans – I’m referring to Soccer) match (don’t laugh) live this coming Saturday at the Emirates Stadium here in London. Premiere League giant Arsenal London plays Reading and I am really thrilled to experience the whole atmosphere et cetera. I doubt it will match anything like the Olympic Games 2012 which I was lucky enough to witness last year, but nevertheless I am still excited about the game and give you all the details very soon and perhaps even a few pictures!

First one up is another song from US-American singer Michael Franti & his group Spearhead, which I have introduced you to a couple of weeks back if you remember?! ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ managed to stay in the charts for a total of 10 weeks since it’s first appearance on the 28th of March 2011, whilst scoring 89 points. It is not his most successful song in Enrico’s Hitlist, but Rank 553 out of over 1900 songs in the All Time Charts is still a respectable position and it is a very moving video!


Next one up is a ‘Euro Dance’ classic originally released in the 90’s by German trance duo Jam & The Spoon. ‘Right In The Night’ was able to stay in the Top 20 for 10 weeks in total as well like ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ mentioned above! What a coincidence eh? Anyway, a total of 98 points secures them Rank 494 as of today, since they’ve appeared first on the 26th of March in 2001!


Last introduction for this evening will probably make a few people shake their heads (again), as it is one of those completely random songs, having entered and found its place in Enrico’s Hitlist. Funny enough out of the three presented tonight it is the best one ranked at position 401 with 118 points. I have never heard of Alison Krauss before I went to Los Angeles two years ago. A friend of mine, who now has returned to his hometown in Nashville/Tennessee and obviously knows about my Dolly Parton ‘obsession’ recommended me listening to her. So I did and the result was ‘In The Palm Of Your Hands’ entering the Top 20 on the 28th of March in 2011! The video is a live performance on the Letterman Show from 1995 and it doesn’t just shows her amazing voice, but also her great talent of playing the violin which I wasn’t aware of. Another interesting fact is that it was aired on Dutch TV on the 23rd of November, which was my 14th Birthday in case you’re interested. You can do your maths now… And who would have guessed that she won so far (according to Wikipedia) 27(!) Grammy’s out of 41(!) nominations?!


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