My holiday month has finally arrived and in less than three weeks I shall be setting off to my little tour across the United States of America. Me being excited is probably an understatement. I am glad, that all the travel has been finalised and the cities I am going to see are New York City/New York, Chicago/Illinois, Los Angeles & San Francisco/California and Seattle/Washington! I am so desperate for a proper vacation and it is certainly well deserved and about time.

Biggest test for me however will be if my commitment & determination towards this website will remain whilst I am travelling from coast to coast! Not many people know this, but I had a similar project on the run in 2011 where I started blogging about my weekly Top 20, but once I went on holidays only a few weeks into that year I forgot to update the site and never got around to update it again. It actually is still left in the state back from February that year. Fingers crossed that won’t happen again!

And without further fuss I am now looking back into Enrico’s Hitlist around this time of the year and see what new songs the month of May had in store!

On the 1st of May 2006 – whilst I was living and having fun  in sunny Sydney/Australia – a Eurovision song made its debut at Number 1 to became Denmark’s most successful entry in my charts! Sidsel Ben Semmane’s ‘Twist Of Love’ certainly left a lot of love, as she retained the top spot for two weeks in a row. This oldie like song stayed in the Top 20 for 19 weeks whilst scoring 359 points for the smallest Scandinavian country giving it rank 79 in the All Time list! It must have been a Eurovision discovery week back those 7 years ago, because 8(!) new songs all related to one of the biggest yearly TV shows made their first appearance in Enrico’s Hitlist!

The Glee Cast had a minor impact on the 2nd of May 2011 with their brilliant cover version of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go Your Own Way’! I love how Lea Michele aka Rachel Berry says ‘Hit It’ and therefore I’d like to share this little video sequence with you. If your impatient – skip to 18 seconds and enjoy it from there!! I am saying minor impact, as contrary to the Danish Eurovision entry from above this song only remained 6 weeks in the charts. Up until today it has scored 88 points which equals rank 561 in the All Time Charts!

Oh and who doesn’t remember Lipps Inc. with their 80’s smash hit ‘Funkytown’?!  I’d like to share this little treasure with you, which entered Enrico’s Hitlist on the 30th April in 2001 as we farewell this years one! It spent the same amount of time as ‘Go Your Own Way’ by the Glee Cast however it did manage to score 7 points more and therefore the slightly better position 515 in the overall rankings. ‘Funkytown’ is often considered to be one of disco’s last stands and it was Lipps Inc’s only U.S. Top 40 hit.


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