Week No. 46

Enrico’s Hitlist Week 46 (11/11/2013-17/11/2013)

Rank Last Week Artist(s) / Band(s) Song Title Weeks
1 1 Aubrey Peeples Gonna Get Even 5
2 4 Sleeping Beauty Magical House Cleaning Blue Or Pink 3
3 5 Icona Pop All Night 2
4 3 Emm Gryner A Good Day 2
5 2 Hayden Panettiere Trouble Is 3
6 8 Chris Carmack What If I Was Willing 2
7 7 James Blunt Bones 3
8 NEW Glee On Our Way 1
9 6 Nashville Cast  A Life That’s Good 2
10 10 Misha B Do You Think Of Me 16
11 9 Connie Britton The Best Songs Come From Broken Hearts 2
12 11 Maiko Hashimoto Say Yes 3
13 14 Luminate Let My Love Open The Door 7
14 12 Dolly Parton Light Of A Clear Blue Morning 3
15 NEW Glee Blurred Lines 1
16 NEW Jo Dee Messina Downtime 1
17 13 James Blunt Bonfire Heart 4
18 15 Robin Thicke The Good Life 9
19 16 Tegan & Sara Closer 9
20 20 Gabrielle Ring Meg 5

For the fifth week in a row ‘Gonna Get Even’ remains solid at the pole position in Enrico’s Hitlist, overtaking Jessie J’s ‘It’s My Party’ as the second longest Number 1 this year. That honour still remains in One Republic hands who were an incredible nine weeks at the helm with their smash hit ‘Feel Again’.

First honour of this week though goes to Nashville Star Chris Cormack aka Will Lexington (in the show) who’s sneaking up two ranks with his first single ‘What If I Was Willing’. After hearing this song on the show for the first time I checked out a few YouTube videos and ever since I have seen the performance below it grew on me even more. And maybe it has the same effect on you!!


Just had a quick look into previous entries around this time of the year and I do have to giggle about this one which entered my Top 20 and since Disney is kinda becoming a regular these days I thought to share this one with you! It is the Opening Theme to the Gummi Bears. It only lasted for two weeks scoring 18 points but nonetheless I am confident it will  make you go back in time and perhaps trigger a giggle too!


I think I should start showing potential new entries for upcoming weeks and the best chances at the moment entering the Top 20 are lying in the hands of pop queen Celine Dion and her latest single ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ which she performed on the X-Factor the other week! It is currently climbing up the charts around the world so I probably succumb to this trend as well and grant her a ranking in Enrico’s Hitlist. It might bring a few more Canadian visitors onto my website.


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