Double Bill

We have a so called double bill this week, because I wasn’t able to give you an update last weekend, due to some unfortunate circumstances. Some of you might think being stranded in New York is fun, and sure enough there are worse places to be stuck at, but still it is very different than it would be as when it is a planned holiday! I will actually spare you the details of being diverted to Paris on my attempt to get back to London!

However on the more positive note, I got to see the city of (country) music and went to Nashville / Tennessee in the south of the USA and had an amazing weekend, which you might notice from the charts below  as that had quite an impact, more so in this current week’s Top 20!

First though I should start with a new number one which debuted in Enrico’s Hitlist on top last week. Pixie Lott managed to kick away Glee’s cover version of Wilson Phillips ‘Hold On’ after just one week on top and earned her first number one single with ‘Nasty’. She’s been seen previously in my charts with her smash hit ‘Kiss The Stars’ back in 2012.


And of course country music was bound to re-enter the charts having been to this fabulous city! Highest re-entry goes to Jo Dee Messina with her single ‘Heads Carolina, Tails California’ which actually finished in a decent 48th position in the 2013 year end charts. A fact which helped her being the highest re-entry is that it was played sung upon my request in the fantastic bar called ‘Honky Tonk Central’.


Another country related re-entry is Miranda Lambert’s ‘Baggage Claim’ which kind of fits with the ‘ordeal’ of having not been able to claim my luggage when I was stuck in New York City! Not sure who of you remembered a series called ‘Good Christian Bitches’ or short ‘GCB’ which aired on ABC a few years ago. It was featured in the beginning of the first episode showing some cool images of Dallas/Texas, which of course back in 2012 was reason enough for entering Enrico’s Hitlist!

Week 13 (24/03/14 – 30/03/14) + Week 14 (31/03/14 – 06/04/14)

Rank Last Week Artist(s) / Band(s) Song Title Weeks
1 NEW Pixie Lott Nasty 1
2 1 Glee Hold On 4
3 2 Natalija Verboten Ma Kje Si Ti 6
4 3 The Common Linnets Calm After The Storm 2
5 5 Glee I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For 3
6 9 Ruth Lorenzo Dancing In The Rain 6
7 6 Glee More Than A Feeling 3
8 8 Glee America 3
9 11 Martin Solveig & Dragonette Hello 2
10 18 Aubrey Peeples Gonna Get Even 24
11 4 This Silent War We Are Broken 10
12 RE-ENTRY Jo Dee Messina Heads Carolina, Tails California 1
13 NEW Glee Raise Your Glass 1
14 RE-ENTRY Dolly Parton Baby I’m Burning 1
15 7 Tinkara Kovac Round And Round 3
16 10 Paula Seling & Ovi Miracle 5
17 17 Mika Emily 13
18 20 Mika Lola 12
19 RE-ENTRY Miranda Lambert Baggage Claim 1
20 12 Glee I Love LA 3


This weeks charts are definitely more heavily influenced by country pop music, because I finally managed to track down some songs I heard last week whilst in Nashville! And of course I have to show you the next number one in Enrico’s Hitlist. ‘Stuck Like Glue’ stuck in my head ever since I heard it and now having seen the video even more! A pretty easy listening to tune which deserves the top spot. The video kind of reminded me of last year’s smash hit by Canadian singer Hayden Panettiere who rose to fame with ‘Telescope’. Do you agree?!


‘Downtown’ performed by the Glee Cast was surely influenced by me actually venturing into Downtown New York, which was despite being stranded fun of course. Strolling around Times Square, Chelsea, The Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and The Empire Building was amazing! However, due to not wanting to spoil anything I would like to present you the original song, which was a Number 1 Hit in my charts back in 2001! Petula Clark’s original song is one of those which is better than its various cover versions, but yet again Glee did a great job and rank 2 is obviously proof enough!


Last but not least for this week is Dolly Parton’s ‘Together You And I’! I actually went to the bridge in Nashville, where this video was filmed and it still kind of feels like a dream to actually have been there! I am sorry to be sentimental, but it was one of those things you had to tick of the bucket list and sure enough it re-entered the charts. It first was seen in summer of 2011 when the grand dame of country music promoted her album ‘Better Day’ and well what a day I had in Nashville!!!

Rank Last Week Artist(s) / Band(s) Song Title Weeks
1 NEW Sugarland Stuck Like Glue 1
2 NEW Glee Downtown 1
3 NEW Nathan Carter Wagon Wheel 1
4 2 Glee Hold On 5
5 1 Pixie Lott Nasty 2
6 3 Natalija Verboten Ma Kje Si Ti 7
7 NEW Sugarland Something More 1
8 11 This Silent War We Are Broken 11
9 6 Ruth Lorenzo Dancing In The Rain 7
10 NEW Aubrey Peeples Tell Me 1
11 10 Aubrey Peeples Gonna Get Even 25
12 5 Glee I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For 4
13 14 Dolly Parton Baby I’m Burning 2
14 13 Glee Raise Your Glass 2
15 12 Jo Dee Messina Heads Carolina, Tails California 2
16 8 Glee America 4
17 18 Mika Lola 13
18 RE-ENTRY Dolly Parton Together You And I 1
19 RE-ENTRY The Barden Bellas Pool Mash-Up 1
20 4 The Common Linnets Calm After The Storm 3

And here is me on the Shelby Street Bridge in Nashville/Tennessee – EVIDENCE I was there.



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