Sorry for the delay of the latest Top 20 but I had a bit of a drama last week during swim practice, as I had all my stuff stolen upon my return from the US. My MacBook, iPhone, wallet, work pass, house keys and even my glasses were all taken off me, which meant I had to run a lot of errands including going to the embassy in London arranging a new passport as my only form of ID had also been taken away. The police hasn’t been helpful but I’m hot on their heels to get this crime solved.

Saying all this I had to take to some other form of technology and resources and therefore keeping it short and sweet this week although I pretty much would have liked to make a bigger announcement because Slovenian Singer Doris Dragovic managed to de-throwne Miley Cyrus from the Top Spot with ‘Nije Mi Vrime’. Apologies in advance for the lost colour scheme.

I also wanted to post and show that the robbery will not stop me from continuing my charts and I am hopeful that karma will catch the thief’s!

Rank Last Week Artist(s)/Band(s) Song Title Weeks
1 NEW Doris Dragovic Nije Mi Vrime 1
2 1 Miley Cirus The Bitch Is Back 4
3 2 Cam Diane 4
4 7 Ava Max Sweet But Psycho 4
5 3 Selena Quintanilla El Chico Del Apartamento 512 2
6 8 Tina Turner The Bitch Is Back 4
7 NEW Aretha Franklin Let It Be 1
8 4 Noémie Ma Petite Famille 4
9 9 ABBA Dancing Queen 4
10 17 The Silent War We Are Broken 2
11 6 Jessica Mauboy We Got Love 4
12 5 Rebeka Dremelj Pod Mojo Kožo 2
13 10 Stella & Alexandra You Got Me 3
14 18 Nena Wunder Geschehn’ 2
15 NEW Middle Of The Road Soley Soley 1
16 12 SaRaha Kizunguzungu 3
17 14 Sigala, Fuse ODG, Sean Paul & Kent Jones Feels Like Home 4
18 15 Disco Fries & Hope Murphy Born Ready 3
19 13 Sheppard Coming Home 4
20 20 Clive Tanaka Y Su Orquesta Neu Chicago 4






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