It is April already, can you believe it? I hope you all had a great Easter!! I had a ‘short’ long weekend. I am only saying this because technically Good Friday and Easter Monday are bank holidays over here which means I would have had four days off (including the weekend obviously), but given my job which is the joy of coordinating travel arrangements for several continental European countries has limited those down to only three. I am still not sure why Spain has to work on Easter Monday though, being one of the stronger catholic countries. I’m not religious so I don’t really mind, but it still makes me wonder. Anyway – I think I did make the most of my three days off:

On Friday I did a spontaneous field trip to the coast and visited Southend-On-Sea. Not having left the big city of London in a few months generated the urge in me to escape it for a few hours at least and smell some fresh air. And yes it was very fresh air indeed and being on the coast makes the strong wind blowing in from the sea even more colder! However, I did have a fantastic time by walking down the longest pleasure pier in the world! Bloody 2.16km long and me being silly I paid one pound for walking both ways. I have to point out again that it is 2.16km long, which means it is a very long way! They even have a railway operating on there and you can do a one way walk and one way rail journey. I did survive the strenuous exercise in the cold wind and treated myself afterwards to one of the best Fish & Chips I’ve ever had and a pint of Carlsberg!

Saturday saw me witnessing my first ever football match at the Emirates Stadium here in the UK capital. And I almost got there late because I thought I’d forgotten to lock the door at home and went back again only to find out I did lock the door. Clumsy Enrico strikes again. The game itself was great and I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere. Arsenal ended up winning (perhaps because I was there to secretly support them) with 4 goals to 1 against Reading. I still think that the atmosphere at the Olympic Games swimming finals last year was at least ten times better, but that’s perhaps because I’m much more into swimming than I am into football!

But where are my manners?! You are probably bored to death with my personal stories and wondering where my fantastic look backs of previous chart entries are!

First one up entered Enrico’s Hitlist on the 3rd of April back in 2006! Kelly Clarkson only managed to stay in the Top 20 for 4 weeks, but still managed to score 98 points with this special Chris Cox Remix version of ‘Walk Away’! And I do think that rank 491 is still a respectable All Time position for her second most successful song! I liked this version, because it is a bit faster than the original track. What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Almost a year earlier before Kelly Clarksons entry Swedish pop/trance band Rednex made a small ‘comeback’ with their 1994 world wide hit single ‘Cotton Eye Joe’. I mean small, because the song only scored 11 points in total whilst lasting for two weeks in the Top 20, which means All Time Rank 1500! But since it’s been such a great classic I do like to share this funny song & video with which gets everyone into a great mood and probably up to dance – guaranteed!! Would you have guessed that the song reached position 25 in the US Billboard Hot 100?!

Ok I have one more and I will go to bed tonight with listening to the magic song ‘Sweet Little Mystery’ by Scottish Band Wet Wet Wet. Released in 1987, it had a minor impact in the UK, Irish and French charts and for some reason I only discovered this song 20 years later, on the 2nd of April 2007 to be precise. Out of the three song choices today it is the highest ranked one occupying Rank 260 of Enrico’s All Time Hitlist! And since its first appearance it has accumulated 167 points during it’s 10 week stay. I couldn’t find the music video which was filmed in Gambia, so you have to suffer with this one and be forced to sing along, which I’m almost confident you will!


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