I know it has been a long time since my last post! Almost a year in fact which is a bit embarrassing to admit. And like most of the people (I am no exception) starting the new year, there are some new year resolutions attached to mine as well. One of those is obviously getting back into the swing of things with my EHCHARTS and keeping the world of music interesting with own judgemental taste buds!

However as the first week of 2019 has just begun I am unable yet to provide you with the first Top 20 of the year (you have to be patient a few more days I’m afraid). Until then I thought you might be interested to see what songs have had an impact in the turbulent year just gone. I am sure some of those songs will probably re-appear in 2019 but who knows, because like with everything these days -> ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! Stay Tuned and a Happy New Year to everyone watching this site! One note – these songs are not listed in oder of ranking and are just a random selection!


Sigala, Fuse ODG & Sean Paul ‘Feels Like Home’



Jessica Mauboy ‘We Got Love’


Stella & Alexandra ‘You Got Me’


Noah Kahan & Julia Michaels ‘Hurt Somebody’


Ingrid Michaelson ‘Celebrate’


Meghan Trainor ‘No Excuses’


Die Draufgänger ‘Cordula Grün’ 


Operación Triunfo ‘Camina’


Moncho ‘Cuba Libre’


Kylie Minogue ‘Dancing’


George Ezra ‘Paradise’


Sasa Lendero ‘Se En Krog’


Doris Dragovic ‘Nije Mi Vrime’


Cam ‘Diane’


Clive Tanaka Y Su Orquesta ‘Neu Chicago’


Katja Ebstein ‘Der Junge Von Nebenan’


Wiktoria ‘As I Lay Me Down’


Offenback & Nick Waterhouse ‘Katchi’


Juice Newton ‘Queen Of Hearts’


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