2014 – The 10th

What a lovely end to the week we had over here in the UK! It is therefore with no surprise that Natalija Verboten holds onto the top spot for another week with her summer ish song ‘Ma Kje Si Ti’. There were also a few Eurovision shuffles this week with Romania being the strongest contestant by pushing last weeks biggest gainer Ruth Lorenzo from Spain down one rank into third place.

We also have three new entries, which two of them I’d like to share with you! However due to the potential spoiler alert I will not show the Glee versions as it wouldn’t be fair. Nevertheless, the Glee Cast did produce a very good cover version of Wilson Phillips ‘Hold On’ and deserve to be this weeks highest entry on number four. The original -which gained popularity again after it was featured in the smash hit movie Bridesmaids – entered ehcharts in November 2011 where it stormed to number one! During its 16 weeks chart appearance so far it has scored 356 points which makes it the 85th most successful song in Enrico’s Hitlist as of today! Simply enjoy.


Well, change of plans! Sadly I did not find a good enough version of ‘Gloria’. I’m saying that, because so far Australian pop group The Young Divas achieved the biggest success in my charts with their cover version of this Italian hit originally sung by Umberto Tozzi and then famously commercialised by Laura Branigan! Regardless, I’ve decided to do one of my flashbacks and the Saturdays appeared today five years ago for the very first time with their Comic Relief song ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’, which funnily enough fits into this weeks new entries theme => cover songs, don’t you think? Despite being more successful than the original tune done by Depeche Mode – this version never made it to the top spot! Are you surprised as much as I am?!


Week 10 (03/03/14 – 09/03/14)

Rank Last Week Artist(s) / Band(s) Song Title Weeks
1 1 Natalija Verboten Ma Kje Si Ti 3
2 7 Paula Seling & Ovi Miracle 2
3 2 Ruth Lorenzo Dancing In The Rain 3
4 NEW Glee Hold On 1
5 NEW Sasa Lendero Mamma Mia 1
6 NEW Glee Gloria 1
7 5 Ellie Goulding Goodness Gracious 4
8 3 Natalija Verboten Zapoj Slovenija 3
9 9 Aubrey Peeples Gonna Get Even 21
10 4 This Silent War We Are Broken 7
11 6 Sam Bailey How Will I Know 15
12 11 Mika Emily 10
13 13 Tanja M Amazing 2
14 RE-ENTRY Rebeka Dremelj Petek 1
15 15 Mika Lola 9
16 19 Anna Gogola Ktoś Taki Jak Ty 2
17 8 Natalie Cole Wild Women Do 4
18 12 Emeli Sande Imagine 6
19 10 Debbie Stivala Pin The Middle 3
20 17 Paul Evans Hello, This Is Joanie 8

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